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The House that Alice Built

The House That Alice Built

New Beginnings at the Little House in the Sun

New Beginnings at the Little House in the Sun

Finding Summer Happiness

Finding Summer Happiness

The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill

I’m an author, freelance writer and radio and podcast producer
and write contemporary romance novels.
I have written articles for local newspapers & magazines, press releases and website copy. I’ve produced four one hour radio documentaries for BBC Essex – three about salsa and one about comedy. I’ve also have on air radio experience and now have my own occasional podcast – Talking to My Friends About Books – in which I talk to my friends about books….
If you’d like to book me for an event/workshop, please e-mail

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A Vacancy For a Village Vet – Joanne Boden

I do love a romance where the protagonists have to grapple with the past before they can move on. And this book is just the ticket for that. So, I invited Joanne Boden to answer a few questions about the book, and how she writes - amongst other things of course!...

Chris and Lizzie’s Buddy Writing Meet Up – why not come!

I have just come back from the Hay Book Festival and I am once again full of ideas and energy - the kind of energy you get from being around people who feel the same way about certain things that you do. In this case, it is books. I don't speak to the majority of...

A Burning Lie – Claire Sheldon

Fellow Ruby Fiction author, Claire Sheldon has written the third in her series in The Lisa Carter Files, A Burning Lie.  Set in her home town of Nottingham, it follows Jen Garner  and her return to street level policing.   Q - tell us about the book A Burning Lie...

Meet Me on the Buddy Bench – Hannah Pearl

 Tell us about the book Meet me on the Buddy Bench is the story of Sam and Ava. They’ve both had a really tough time and it’s all about how they have to rebuild their lives. It’s not how they expected life to look for either of them, but it’s all about how they can...

Carrie Elks on being a hybrid author

Essex-based author, Carrie Elks was scouted by a literary agent after she wrote Twilight fan fiction, which led to her very first book being published in Brazil She is now a very successful hybrid author, meaning some of her books are traditionally published and some...

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