Notes from an Urban Rambler (Ambler): Incorporating Food Stops into Ambling


As a committed ambler I have learned over the years to pace myself properly in order to fully enjoy my surroundings. You can’t amble along a promenade, to a beach or around a town quickly or to a set time:  that would be called walking somewhere and it’s different. The amble by its very definition does not have to have an actual firm destination, usually fizzling out in a café or bar en-route. Although it isn’t really en-route as you are not actually going anywhere. You are ambling.

Food and drink stops are very important, not only to eat and drink, but also to take photos of what you are eating and drinking. It’s the same as ramblers taking photos of panoramic views from the tops of mountains and such.

Lagos in Portugal’s Algarve has many pit-stops to keep my energy up that I have spent a lot of time researching over many years (eating and drinking.  Someone had to do it.) One of my favourites is Bahia Beach Bar on Meia Praia where I indulge in the tapas for two: the lovely thing about this particular tapas for two is that it’s a surprise. You don’t know what’s going to be in it until it arrives piled high on the plate, and as you enjoy maybe Crab, Lobster, chorizo, King Prawns or meat balls you uncover another delicious delight hidden underneath. Oh, just sitting there grazing, listening to the sea and smiling at the sun is one of life’s great simple pleasures and squeaking “I have found squid under these carrots. Fabulous!” I am quite easily pleased, has to be said.

Then when you’ve finally and reluctantly finished difficult decisions have to be made. Do you

  1. Have another drink
  2. Move from the table to the bean bags and have another drink
  3. Walk onto the beach and sit down
  4. Slowly amble back towards Lagos and sit down and have drink somewhere else. Or an ice cream.

I never know. An ambler lives in the moment.