Yolanda and Terry - Salsa Top Tips

Top Tips from Tip Top Teachers: Terry and Yolande of Salsa Chillout

What to Wear (and not!)

  • Casual but smart clothing
  • Opt for summer wear, even in winter: you’re guaranteed to work up a sweat whatever your ability!



Dresses Knee high, light and flowing
Lycra No ironing involved, wears well, and there’s a wide range of styles to choose from
Trousers Anything! From hipster jeans, three quarter length trousers to very smart
Halter neck tops Closely fitted and feels secure so your top won’t move around
Shoes Dance Shoes are best, as they are designed to help you move well on the dance floor
If not, everyday shoes with a small to medium sized heel.
Definite No No’s: trainers, flip flops, sling backs and
Accessories Belts look good with a wide or thin band – opt for ones with a buckle and loop – they look good, wont move around, and won’t lash your partner when you spin!!
Earrings Studs are small, safe, and won’t be lost when you spin.
Larger earrings can get caught in your hair, or your partner’s
Fingers whilst dancing, and could be dangerous
Bracelets Bracelets and bangles can be a nightmare as your partner raises your arm up and down during the dance. They can also fly off into the distance if they are too loose!
Makeup Unless it’s waterproof don’t wear too much!! You may look like a panda by the end of the night, and every man you kissed will be recognised by your imprint on either side of his cheeks across the dance floor!
Hair Beware of pony tails – your partner may take a beating when you spin!
A woman that smells good even by the end of the evening is a Lasting, pleasant memory in men’s eyes
Likewise, a man will never ask that “Brenda Orange” to danceAgain if she smells!
Stay clear of strong, aromatic foods before you step out to hit
The bright lights of that Salsa Club – you may find it hard to



Casual Tops Could be as plain as a T-shirt to your expensive designer top –

It’s how you wear it

Shirts Ladies may comment on a man’s appearance to their friends,
But if the dance feels good, it really does not matter what they
Trousers Any – front the jeans – ripped rugged look, to very smart – it
Does not matter. Rhythm and timing is what counts
Shoes Dance shoes are best as they are designed to help you move
Well on the dance floor.If not, everyday shoes are fine, but a trainer is a definite No
A man who smells as though he has just stepped out of theShower even by the end of the evening is a brownie point in
Ladies eyes!
Women will never ask that “Billy Orange” to dance again if he
Also, cut your nails, men and perhaps use that Gold Spot from

Time to time!

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