My novel, The House That Alice Built is set in Cascais in Portugal. Just being there set’s Alice’s mind free, allowing her to experience another way of life and see thing from a different perspective. Some of us have travel in our blood and my friend and BBC Essex colleague Vicky Carter is one of those people  – so I asked her to write a few words to explain  how it makes her feel.  You can find out about her adventures on her website

Ever since growing up in the Middle East as a child, I have always been fascinated by other cultures and intrigued by other countries. The sounds of the chaotic traditional souks, the smell of fresh Arabic coffee and the warm air that tickles my skin, instantly transports me back to a place which I will always call home. Enthused about the way others live their lives, the history that soaks a place and the diverse stunning scenes of cities or nature, has always set my soul on fire. Travel will always be my first love. I’ve spent most of my life working long hours in jobs I haven’t enjoyed to raise funds for my next adventure, or even writing, recording audio, filming travels or interviewing fellow travellers about their next journey. Travel is everything for me; it resets my energy, it restores my faith in humanity, it provides reflection on my life, it allows me to gain a wider perspective in what really matters in life, it cures heartbreaks, builds friendships and develops me as a better person through my understanding of other people’s lives. I’ve slept in everything from train stations to 6 star hotels, I’ve eaten unusual street food in Dehli to dining in Michelin starred restaurants in Los Angeles, and I still treat everyone I meet with the same respect and attention they deserve. The most important lesson I have learnt is that we are enter this world and leave it the same way, so be open to the world and the people in it. 

If you want to hear some of my interviews with inspirational travellers and adventurers conquering mountains or simply living their best life on my motivational podcast “Let’s Go Kickass Today”, head on over to my website, where you can also read about my own personal journeys visiting over fifty countries and my aim to conquer my bucket list.

About Vicky Carter

Vicky Carter produces the Early Breakfast Show for BBC Essex and is a reporter for the station’s Mid-Morning programme as well as producing, presenting and editing her own podcast, Let’s Go Kickass Today. She has also broadcast for radio stations including BBC Essex, BBC Solent, Talk Sport, Women’s Radio  and presents from events for Winkball.