I am inspired by places that I’ve been to and memories I bring back with me when I write, so I’ve asked some of my fellow Choc-Lit and Ruby Fiction Authors to tell us about their memorable places.  This time it is Carol Thomas, author of Maybe Baby and The Purrfect Pet Sitter.

Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in your author Snapchat and to share three of my favourite and most inspirational places.

I have to start with Samoëns in France. It is incredibly picturesque with beautiful chalets set amongst dramatic mountain ranges. Whether visiting in summer or winter, the scenery is always changing. And I love the reverberating sound of the cowbells. We often holiday in the area as a family, and it is the setting for some of my favourite scenes in my Lisa Blake series of books.


Sticking close to Samoëns, my next destination is Sixt Fer À Cheval. The mountains are formed in a  horseshoe shape, creating breathtaking views. It is beautiful in summer and winter, as is the Cascade du Rouget. In the summer, my family and I stood in front of this stunning waterfall, unable to hear ourselves over the rushing meltwater, getting soaked by the spray.


In winter, my husband and I hiked up to it. We stood at the foot of the waterfall; the only sound the occasional crack and pop from the curtain of ice. Stunning!



Finally, I am coming much closer to home. The historic town of Arundel is just ten minutes from where I live. I used to have an office there with a view over a row of higgledy-piggledy rooftops, looking towards the medieval castle. It was a beautifully peaceful place to write, and I liked imagining stories playing out in the houses. There was also a cheeky cat who often liked to watch me write.


Published by Ruby Fiction, Carol writes heartwarming romantic comedies filled with friendship and love.

The Purrfect Pet Sitter: http://getbook.at/TPPSAmazon

Maybe Baby: http://getbook.at/MBAmazon